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Hebei Ruisite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cooperative unit of China Electronics Technology Group's 54th and 13th institutes, specializing in the R & D, design, production, installation, commissioning and after-sales one-stop service of high-end electroplating equipment, precision etching equipment, anodizing equipment, hardware etching machine and supporting wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment environmental protection equipment in the field of military industry and aerospace Industry. Our company continues to absorb the world's advanced surface treatment technology, combined with domestic and foreign market demand, to create a variety of different fields, different types of special electroplating equipment, etching machine equipment. The business covers military chip, integrated circuit electroplating, microwave, Beidou navigation transmission signal, military radar antenna remote sensing and telemetry, booster electroplating, involving gold, silver, copper, tin, nickel, chromium plating and other electroplating equipment and precision etching machine. It includes foreign military projects, such as high-end electroplating equipment and precision etching project of Bangladesh army, electroplating equipment project of Nigerian military, electroplating project and etching machine project of Vietnamese army.

The company's main products are four series:

1、 High end electroplating equipment: automatic electroplating production line, gantry type automatic hanging plating production line, gantry type automatic barrel plating production line, cantilever hanging plating production line, vertical lifting ring hanging plating production line, continuous coil to roll plating production line, PCB electroplating production line, gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, tin plating, nickel plating, chromium plating production line;

2、 Precision etching equipment: PCB etching machine production line, hardware etching machine production line, exposure machine, coating machine, developing machine, grinding machine;

3、 Supporting cleaning equipment: PCBA ultrasonic cleaning machine, PCBA water-based cleaning machine, PCBA solvent type gas phase cleaning machine, automatic cleaning machine, etc;

4、 Supporting environmental protection equipment: industrial waste gas tower, sewage treatment equipment, etc.

Our company has provided electroplating equipment, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, waste gas tower and sewage treatment equipment for many factories of military enterprises. Over the years, we have continuously introduced the design and manufacturing concept of reliable and clean automatic production line for surface treatment from abroad, and has a number of unique domestic product technology patents. After years of unremitting efforts, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise has been continuously improved, independent research and development, design and product quality have been continuously improved, and customer service has been continuously strengthened. With a good industry reputation and brand image, it is a reliable professional manufacturer of surface treatment equipment.

In the future development process, rist adheres to the concept of "taking customer satisfaction as its own responsibility", adheres to the quality policy of "quality today, market tomorrow", provides sincere service, and carries out production in strict accordance with ISO9002 and ISO9004 quality assurance system, and provides one-stop service. Rist will continue to innovate, pursue quality and provide better technical services for customers. With the rapid development of science and technology, we will always be ahead of the trend, promote the development of military industry, aerospace PCB, integrated circuit, auto parts electroplating, hardware and electronic electroplating industry with scientific and technological innovation, so as to provide customers with faster and more dedicated services. The company will serve the domestic and foreign markets with new attitude, advanced technology, exquisite production technology and perfect after-sales service.